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Our Interning Developers talk about their drive

AAA Gaming Institute’s Capacity Building Initiative A major part of what we do at AAA Game Institute is Capacity Building. For that reason we have had 2 interns over the past month who have been deep diving into Gaming with us, and have learnt the skills necessary to make games. We did an Interview session…

Our new Adventure – Setting up a Gaming Institute in Mombasa

Mombasa is Kenya’s 2nd Largest City, the “Gateway” to Kenya – hosting one of Africa’s most strategic sea ports. The port serves a good chunk of Eastern Africa – but that is aside from the point – Mombasa for myself and Aly Salim (Co-founder at AAA Platforms) is our dear home. We grew up in…

The Core of C# Game Engines – and A bit about Unity

There is always 2 kinds of developers when it comes to gaming: There is the Developer Developing the Games, and the Developer developing the tools. In this particular article we talk about the Game Engine Core technology, but we cover in more detail C# technologies – among them the Unity Engine. C# Game Engines In…

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